1150 watts grow light

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Extreme Led Lightz EXT8 LED grow light use full spectrum which is very helpful to the plant growth in both vegetative stage and blooming stage, it is suitable for large application fields such as hydroponics, horticulture system, greenhouse, farm and flower planting) for different plants like vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce), herbs (marijuana, cannabis, algae), flowers (rose, orchid, peony, gladiolus), etc.


Model number EXT8
Spectrum 380 ~ 740nm
LED Brand EPILED, EDLED, Bridgelux
Par value 1430umol
Power consumption 480 Watts
Dimension 616 x 418 x 94 (mm)
Weight 10.80kgs
Coverage area 1.9m x 1.9m
Application Hydroponics, Greenhouse

Technical Characteristic

Blows away 1000 watt hps!
Actual power wattage 490W
Quantity of LED of each COB 48pcs (3W)
LED brand Bridgelux/Epiled
Spectrum 400nm   450nm   475nm
460nm   640nm   660nm
740nm   12000K
Coverage area 1.9m × 1.9m
Product size 616 × 418 × 94(mm)
Packing dimension 710 × 520 × 220(mm)
Case material Iron
Case color Silver leopard
IP level IP43
Weight 3.60kgs
Input voltage 85~255V
Working current 550mA
Power frequency 50 ~ 60Hz
Working temperature  -45℃ ~ +50℃
Lifetime > 50,000 hrs
Warranty two years


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