51″ curved Extreme Led Lightz led bar

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These are Extreme Led Lightz led bars. More advanced than any other led bars in the entire world. Lumens mean nothing when the light is spread in the wrong pattern.  These led bars have been engineered to perfection. Millions of dollars put towards the perfect optics.

No other company in existence has light bars on this level. These light bars are not your regular everyday “RIGID” bar, or when people’s short distant sight on “vision”…nothing comes close to Extreme Led Lightz Led Light Bars. You truly want the best….We guarantee you this line of our led bars is above all others. LIFETIME WARRANTY guaranteed if there was one ever to fail (but will never happen though)

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Product Description

LEDs: 32pc*10W (Cree LED) Actual power: 320W Voltage:9-36V DC Width: around 1300mm (51 inch) Raw Luminous flux: 24500lm Available light beam: spot, flood,combo Housing: Extruded Aluminum Front cover: PC Mouting accessories: bottom/Side bracket ETM Technology TIR Optical Lens: Light transmittance>95% IP68 completely waterproof

100,000+ Hours life span Approval: CE, ECE R10

Side mounts and comes with under mounts.


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